CALL FOR PAPERS – MVA Workshop & Symposium 2022

Sumbisssion Deadline: August 31

The International Program Committee (IPC) of the 6th Global Moon Village Association Workshop & Symposium (MVA WS&S 2022) is pleased to invite all interested authors to participate in its 2½-day hybrid event dedicated to the sustainable extension of human presence to Earth’s Moon. This first face-to-face event (since 2019) is being organized by the National Space Society (NSS) for the MVA, and will be held in Los Angeles, California during November 8-10, 2022 (arrival on November 7th).  For additional information (e.g., registration and logistics), see:

The program will comprise several important elements, including discussions of the foundational steps during the next two decades necessary to establishing permanent human presence and activity on the Moon. There will be specific invited topics, of course; however, we wish to invite multi-disciplinary contributions on building blocks for the future development of the Moon as a sustainable ecosystem based on the integration of diverse capabilities and infrastructures and aiming to generate near-zero waste from those activities. These building blocks may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • power generation and distribution systems,
  • in-situ resource utilization and manufacturing,
  • self-sustaining life support systems,
  • reusable transportation systems,
  • manufacturing, recycling or other value-adding technologies,
  • protocols and techniques for energy and materials storage and conversion,
  • waste management, and
  • interoperability standards.

Also, of interest are scientific research topics such as:

  • radio science investigation,
  • topographic and thematic mapping,
  • origin and dispersion of water and other volatile molecules, and
  • lunar dust studies.

And, cross-cutting and/or other topics are of interest, including:

  • contamination of the lunar environment,
  • cultural considerations, and
  • political and social sciences.

The program also aims to bring together ideas from a wide range of disciplines and establish groundwork for future collaborative studies. We also invite contributions introducing original ideas, including from younger-generation authors, regarding development of sustainable human lunar activities.

Prospective authors are encouraged to include in their proposals topics such as feasibility assessments, possible risks and mitigations, challenges and benefits for human societies on the Moon.


Prospective authors are encouraged to submit an abstract of not more than 400 words by not later than July 15, 2022 August 31, 2022.  See below for detailed instructions regarding abstract submission.

Selected authors will be notified by mid-August and invited to develop a short paper of a maximum 5,000 words by not later than 15 October 2022. Authors will be further asked to prepare an oral presentation that to be delivered live at the meeting. In special circumstances, the IPC will also consider remote presentations and/or pre-recorded depending on the modalities of the MVA WS&S 2022, and relevant travel restrictions. Details regarding registration for on-line participation are still being developed; these will be forthcoming

All papers and presentations will be publicly accessible in an on-line repository after the conference. In addition, selected authors may be invited to develop a longer version of their article to be published in an edited volume of the conference proceedings.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts may be summited here:

An abstract should be provided in pdf format, and include the following information: (1) name(s) of the author(s); (2) organizations of the author(s) and email addresses by author; (3) title of the proposed paper / presentation; (4) an abstract of not more than 400 words; and, (5) 3-4 applicable ‘key words’ (e.g., drawn from the list of topics provided above) to allow placement of your presentation in the program.

In case you are unable to use the link to upload your abstract, you may send the file to gro.n1664794952oitai1664794952cossa1664794952egall1664794952ivnoo1664794952m@sni1664794952knam.1664794952c.nho1664794952j1664794952, and gro.n1664794952oitai1664794952cossa1664794952egall1664794952ivnoo1664794952m@yks1664794952vokst1664794952nev.g1664794952elo1664794952 (the IPC Co-chairs).

2022 WS&S Structure

Several sessions over 2½ days, including plenary and breakout sessions, with the option ‘hybrid mode’ presentations on a case-by-case basis.


  • Call for papers: May 20, 2022
  • Deadline for abstract submissions: July 15, 2022 August 31, 2022
  • Selection and notify authors: September, 2022
  • Deadline to confirm participation for authors: September 22, 2022
  • Deadline for paper / presentation submission: October 24, 2022 (Monday)
  • For hybrid / video presentations (case by case), submission deadline: October 31,2022
  • MVA WS&S 2022: November 8-10, Los Angeles, California

Logistics Note

Information concerning registration for the 2022 Workshop & Symposium, hotel reservations, and other logistics are provided at the meeting website, provided on the first page of this Call for Papers.

2022 International Program Committee (IPC)


John C. Mankins, USA; Vice President, MVA
Oleh Ventskovsky, Ukraine; Member, MVA Board of Director

IPC members:

  • Clarisse Angelier, France; CEO ANRT
  • Glafki Antoniou, Cyprus; MVA Staff member
  • Gary Barnhard, USA; NSS Member
  • Dallas Bienhoff; USA; MVA Institutional Member
  • Bailey Cunningham; USA, NSS Member
  • Michelle Hanlon, USA; National Space Society, For All Moonkind
  • Ima Ionescu; Romania, MVA Board Member
  • Yoshifumi Inatani; Japan, MVA Board Member
  • Jan Kolar; Czech Republic, MVA Board Member / Treasurer
  • Pavi Manghaipathy; India, MVA Board
  • Giuseppe Reibaldi, Italy; President, MVA
  • Prof. Madhu Thangavelu; USA; North America MVA Coordinator
  • Prof. P. Sreekumar (ISRO); India, MVA Advisory CouncilNote: additional IPC members are being invited at the time of this call for papers