Become a Regional/National Coordinator

MVA is looking for active leaders around the world to become the MVA Regional Coordinators. This is a two year, volunteer position that offers a chance to lead and be responsible for the voice of the MVA in your region, especially as activities and excitement for the Moon Village expand around the world!

Role Description

The Regional/National Coordinator will report to the MVA Board. S/he also will coordinate the activities of MVA in their region/country and oversee the work of potential MVA working groups in his/her region/nation. Regional/National coordinators propose a work plan for approval by the Board, that may ask the advice of the Advisory Council.


MVA encourages R/NCs to take personal initiatives to advance the goals of the organisation around their own region. This role is an important responsibility, and there are a number of expectations that the organisation has of you, including:

  • R/NCs shall communicate regularly with their region’s members, at least once a month, to update each other on activities and coordinate collaborative efforts for their region.
  • All R/NCs shall assist and coordinate the activities of the local coordinators within their Geographic Region towards meeting the MVA objectives as described in the MVA Statute.
  • R/NCs should prepare a yearly work plan and take all necessary measures, within their capabilities, to achieve the yearly objectives. The yearly work plan is expected by the MVA Board within 15 days of being appointed as RC and valid until the end of the year.
  • In countries with no local coordinators, the R/NCs shall recruit new ones.
  • R/NCs shall mentor local coordinators within their Geographic Region, to enable them to reach their full potential in fulfilling their role as a leader of the MVA in their respective countries. RCs shall maintain regular contact with local members and space organisations within their Geographic Region, through the use of phone, email, teleconferences, or any other means. The holding of regional or sub-regional events and meetings where MVA members can meet face to face and share experiences is strongly encouraged.
  • R/NCs shall maintain regular contact with space organisations within their region.
  • R/NCs are encouraged to initiate the organization of regional events.
  • R/NCs shall have a teleconference meeting with all the local coordinators in their region at least once every three months.
  • R/NCs shall attend the coordination teleconferences with the President once every 3 months, to brief on the activities in their region (if an R/NC misses more than 3 teleconferences will be dismissed).
  • An Annual Report, due end of November, R/NCs shall provide a short summary of activities within their region. This can take largely the form that you choose, but should be around 2 pages and include a summarised account of the MVA activities and events in your region, a paragraph on what is coming up, and a short statement as to your involvement and further action plan; maybe also photos.
  • Regularly update the other members about your news on our slack channel.
  • At the end of their term of office, outgoing R/NCs shall mentor the newly elected R/NC for a period of three months.

Duration of term: 2 years


  • Recognition. Legacy. Learning. Opportunity to be involved in settling the moon.
  • Recognized as a MVA contributor and perhaps as a leader.
  • Develop highly desirable leadership and management skills.
  • Work with and learn from the best people in the world.
  • Opportunity to contribute to Moon Village architecture and studies.
  • Direct interaction with the MVA Board.
  • Opportunity to attend MVA events as part of the MVA management team with registration discounts.
  • Being the face of your region at MVA.

This is a voluntary role and has no monetary compensation.

Application Process

If you are eligible and interested in this position, you will need to secure the nomination of two (2) other MVA members, preferably in your region before submitting your application.

Application form