Launch of PromoMoon Initiative in partnership with Yuzhnoye State Design Office

The Moon Village Association in cooperation with the leading Ukrainian space engineering company – Yuzhnoye State Design Office is organizing PromoMoon Initiative for Moon Village Generation in honor of Dr. Alexander Degtyarev.

If you have novel ideas, solutions, concepts and projects for lunar-related technologies and you want to contribute to human permanent presence on the Moon, Moon Village Association and Yuzhnoye SDO are pleased to invite you to participate in the 1st PromoMoon Initiative for Moon Village Generation.

The international team of leading space experts will select the best technical concepts and the winners will get support for their research through voluntary and free-of-charge expert B2B mentorship and Q&A sessions. The best application will be also provided with an opportunity to present idea during Moon-related Technical Sessions (D4 and D3) of IAC 2022 outside typical selection process.

The initiative inspires Moon Village Generation to develop ideas for future sustainable lunar activities and provides an opportunity to advance engineering maturity level.

Who can apply?

  • Teams of students
  • Teams of young professionals
  • Spinoffs
  • Startups
  • New Space companies
  • SMEs

Application Categories

  1. Transportation to and from the Moon:
    1. space launch systems and their subsystems;
    2. spacecraft and their subsystems;
    3. launch and landing pads.
  2. Transportation on the Moon surface
    1. robotic rovers and hoppers;
    2. landers and their subsystems.
  3. Energy and power on the Moon (power production & distribution)
  4. Infrastructure, construction and manufacturing on the Moon
    1. provision of building materials;
    2. manufacture from the regolith;
    3. maintenance of infrastructure.
  5. Other


Opening of application processDecember 15, 2021
Application DeadlineFebruary 15, 2022
1st Phase of EvaluationFebruary 15 – March 20, 2022
Publishing of the short-listed applicationsMarch 20, 2022
2nd Phase of Evaluation & Final SelectionMarch 20 – April 10, 2022
Posting of ResultsApril 12, 2022
Mentorship SessionsApril 15 – May 15, 2022

For more details, refer to the document below.

To apply, please submit your application below: