Pavithra (Pavi) Manghaipathy

Pavithra (Pavi) Manghaipathy

Education and Special Project Coordinator

I am an aerospace engineer starting my foray into the professional world as a Project Coordinator at the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) in Kiruna, Sweden.

I have lived and studied in three different continents and never once let go of my desire to be part of the Space Industry. I have a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) where I did research on active vibration suppression controls and was also a part of the graduate finalist team at the NASA RASC-AL Design Competition where my team and I worked on designing a reusable hybrid transportation stage to Mars. I then leapt across the Atlantic to France where I completed my advanced master’s in aerospace project management at ISAE-SUPAERO which further broadened my view of the global space industry, now from a management perspective.

While I have done research and technical systems engineering projects both during and outside my education, I have also been an active member of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). I have had the opportunity to work on and lead several outreach projects, which also introduced me to various essential non-engineering elements required for the industry.

I am still learning and exploring various avenues to use my skills and I never hesitate to step out of my comfort zone. I also like to link all my seemingly random interests which surface through various global writing competitions and publications.