Moon Village Association

月球市场和任务 – 经济预测和财务工作组

月球市场和任务 & – 预测和财务工作组

  概览 The “Moon Missions, Markets & Economics” Working Group provides a forum for three interrelated topics associated with potential paths forward for the Moon Village (MV). First, identification & development of an integrated summary of actual or planned Lunar surface and/or Lunar vicinity markets & missions. Second, identification of actual / potential funding sources of current / planned missions. And, third, identification and/or facilitation of potential “match-making” between sources of mission/market requirements and developers of services that might satisfy those requirements. The WG also provides oversight and integration of the results of two other MV working groups; these are the Lunar Data Harmonization WG and the Moon Village Critical Services WG, described below. 确定和提出现有或计划中的月球及/或月球周边的市场和任务的综述。确定当前或计划任务的现有或潜在资金来源。确定及促进资源和开发者之间潜在的“匹配”。   组长 Angel Abbud-Madrid