6th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium

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The Moon Village Association (MVA) is proud to announce the 6th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium, in cooperation with the National Space Society (NSS), that this year will take place in Los Angeles, USA.

This Workshop & Symposium, will present various matters for the growth of the Moon Village community and lunar activities, discussing on-going and planned Moon programs, and bringing together stakeholders and lunar community. A big audience is expected from all over the world representing space and non-space companies, space agencies, international organizations, researchers and the wider public.


Giuseppe ReibaldiPresident, Moon Village Association
Derek WebberFounder, Spaceport Associates
Yoshifumi Inatani Member of the BoD, Moon Village Association
John C. MankinsVice President, Moon Village Association
Prof. Madhu Thangavelu MVA North American Coordinator
Dale Skran COO National Space Society
Gary Barnhard MVA Institutional Member
Michelle Hanlon President, For All Moonkind
Dallas Bienhoff MVA Institutional Member

Preliminary Program

Prior to Day 1 – Monday, November 7

Registration (Foyer)

Lunar Commerce Portfolio Launch

Want to be part of Moon business?

In future, not too long from now, it is expected that there will be business opportunities on the Moon. A wide variety of businesses. Some of them not even needing any prior space experience. For instance, how would you like to own the first bar on the Moon?
How to join in, and become part of the value chain? You need to get access to the Lunar Commerce Portfolio, the definitive authority source for lunar commerce opportunities.

This has taken 2 years to compile, and is about to be launched, and made available for free, with an associated model, at the Moon Village Association’s Workshop and Symposium, in Los Angeles, California on 9th November, 2022.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Registration Fee

Full Registration, MVA Members$445
Full Regisration, Non Members$495
Discounted Registration, Retirees$295
Discounted Registration, Students$245
Remote Registration (Live Streaming)$49.95


If you are an MVA Member, please make sure you are registered on your MVA account before registering.

MVA Workshop & Symposium ONLY

Joint registration for BOTH MVA Workshop & Symposium and National Space Society (NSS) Space Settlement Summit

Receive a discount for registering for both the 6th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium (November 8-10) and the National Space Society (NSS) Space Settlement Summit (November 10-11).

For more information about the NSS event, see: https://spacesettlementsummit2022.nss.org/.

For information about the two events, please contact Mr. John C. Mankins: gro.n1720919745oitai1720919745cossa1720919745egall1720919745ivnoo1720919745m@sni1720919745knam.1720919745c.nho1720919745j1720919745

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

Located less than one mile from LAX Airport with 24h schuttle services, the venue is easy to access. The hotel features several restaurants and bars as well as an outdoors swimming pool. The W&S will take place in the Gateway Ballroom, as well as multiple smaller rooms for the Breakout Sessions.

Accomodation at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel

A block of rooms is available at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, where the Symposium takes place at a special group rate.

Please reserve your individual accommodation at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel for the Moon Village 2022 Workshop and Symposium, in cooperation with the NSS Space Settlement Summit through the link below.

Special group rate: $159/night

If you have questions or need help with the link, please do not hesitate to ask the Sheraton.

Hotel: Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel at the rate of $159 USD per night
Event: MVA 2022 Workshop & Symposium and NSS Space Settlement Summit
Dates: First Date for Room Reservations at the special group rate for this event: Saturday, November 5, 2022
Last Date for Room Reservations at the special group rate for this event: Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Last Day to Make your Reservation under this block of rooms: Monday, October 10, 2022

Phone reservations: +1 310-642-1111 (Sheraton Gateway Hotel)
*Please make sure that you want to join the block of rooms for the Event to get the special group rate.

Call for Papers

The International Program Committee (IPC) of the 6th Global Moon Village Association Workshop & Symposium (MVA WS&S 2022) is pleased to invite all interested authors to participate in its 2½-day hybrid event dedicated to the sustainable extension of human presence to Earth’s Moon.

The program will comprise several important elements, including discussions of the foundational steps during the next two decades necessary to establishing permanent human presence and activity on the Moon. There will be specific invited topics, of course; however, we wish to invite multi-disciplinary contributions on building blocks for the future development of the Moon as a sustainable ecosystem based on the integration of diverse capabilities and infrastructures and aiming to generate near-zero waste from those activities.

Open Abstract Submition is now closed.
If you have received a personal invitation to submit an abstract, please send it to:
John C. Mankins gro.n1720919745oitai1720919745cossa1720919745egall1720919745ivnoo1720919745m@sni1720919745knam.1720919745c.nho1720919745j1720919745Oleg Ventskovsky gro.n1720919745oitai1720919745cossa1720919745egall1720919745ivnoo1720919745m@yks1720919745vokst1720919745nev.g1720919745elo1720919745
Madhu Thangavelu moc.l1720919745iamg@1720919745uleva1720919745gnaht1720919745.uhda1720919745m1720919745

International Program Committee


John C. Mankins
Oleg Ventskovsky


Prof. Madhu Thangavelu
Clarisse Angelier (CEO ANRT)
Glafki Antoniou
Gary Barnhard
Dallas Bienhoff
Bailey Cunningham
Michelle Hanlon
Ima Ionescu
Aggie Kobrin
Jan Kolar
Pavi Manghaipathy
Giuseppe Reibaldi
Prof. P. Sreekumar (ISRO)
Prof. GOU, Linli (CAST) – In discussion