Who are the Observers?

Observers will play an important role as both active participants in discussions and as conduits to their constituencies about the Group’s actions. Observers will participate on a personal basis and any views expressed at the meetings or by the Group will not be regarded as representing the position of the organizations to whom members may belong.

Observers will be invited to attend calls, but their interventions will be managed at the invitation of the Chair. The number of observers for any given call may be restricted depending on the capacity of the communication platform used. Inputs and proposals from observers will be taken into account at the discretion of the members. Observers will receive all documents distributed within the Expert Group. There is no restriction on the overall number of observers to the Expert Group, but the number of observers per organization will be generally limited to one. Observers will be selected in the same manner as members.

Who are the Sponsors?

Sponsors are individuals or organizations that financially contribute to the activities of the Group. The Sponsors will be recognized in all public events and may be invited to take part in a consortium created to coordinate global events to inform the public and decision-makers in their country about the progress and the results of the Group. A sponsor is not a member of the Group by default and should express his/her interest, if he/she wants to become a member or observer.

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsor

The sponsors will be informed of the expenditures that will be duly documented and audited.

If you are interested to become an Observer or a Sponsor or you need any other information, please fill this form: