Working Groups

Architectural Concepts

The “Moon Village Architectural Concepts & Issues” Project provides a forum for identification and promotion of an international discussion on various architectural concepts, including key environmental issues (such as dust mitigation, radiation exposure, etc. that might arise from the Moon Village concept and its implementation. The Architectural Project provides oversight and integration of the results from four other MVA Working Groups:– Standards, Human Factors, Mission & Market Requirements Data, Exploration Analogues.

Adaptive Governance

The “Adaptive Governance” Project identifies, assesses the need for cooperation mechanisms in specific issues of Moon Village missions and activities. The mechanism proposed are aiming to build consensus on the best way forward. The issues to be assessed will be defined by the WG participants and will be related to the 2030 time horizon, as a first step.

Cultural Considerations

The “Cultural Considerations Project” provides a forum for raising and promoting an international discussion of diverse cultural factors that must inform decisions regarding, or that might arise from the Moon Village concept and its implementation. The Project will involve experts and intellectuals worldwide, ready to contribute to the discussion while at the same time reaching out to the general public to communicate a broader knowledge and a better understanding of possible challenges and likely opportunities for an improvement of our life on Earth.

Exploration Analogues

The “Moon Village & Exploration Analogues” Project provides a forum for identifying and coordinating activities related to terrestrial analogues for the Moon Village. It also addresses the associated topic of the use of the Moon as an analogue/testbed for future exploration of Mars and other destinations; it works with all of the various MV working groups discussed.

Lunar Commerce & Economics

The “Lunar Commerce and Economics” Working Group (LCE) provides a forum for promoting an international and interdisciplinary discussion of all potential markets for goods and services that will form an essential part of the Moon Village operations. It provides a focus for businesses who are considering supporting lunar activities, and for government planners who seek to understand the timeframe of, and degree to which, commercial business will be able to contribute to the endeavor of developing the Moon. The WG will develop a Lunar Commerce Portfolio which will be a valuable source of lunar commercial market opportunities data.

Lunar Human Physiology & Biology

The Working Group in Lunar Human Physiology and Biology aims to promote and highlight initiatives centered on the exploration of the Moon by humans, which is in alignment with the Artemis project that will see humans return to the Moon.


International Moon Day

The Moon Village Association submitted an application during the UN-COPUOS 64th Session, for the proclamation of the International Moon Day on July 20, the anniversary of the 1969 first human landing, from the United States of America, with the Apollo 11 mission. The proclamation has been approved on December 9 2021, by the UN General Assembly.

Participation of Emerging Space Countries (PESC)

If you are from a country with no official plans for missions to the moon, and you want to discover what opportunities the Moon Village Association can offer for your country, you are in the right Place!

Benefit Sharing Project (BSP)

The goal of the Benefit Sharing Project is to propose concrete mechanisms for the equitable sharing of benefits related to lunar activities, encompassing economic, environmental and social concerns, through the analysis of the context in which lunar activities will evolve and assessing possibilities for inclusiveness and mitigation of socio-economic gaps as humanity goes back to the Moon. Conducted by the Adaptive Governance Working Group, the Benefit Sharing Project team gathers more than 50 members and forms a diverse international group in terms of Generation, Gender, Geography and professional background.

Towards the Moon Village Generation

Towards the Moon Village Generation project aims to engage with students and young professionals, the generation who will likely be alive and contributing to our continuous presence on the Moon on their views and perspectives for the future of lunar activities and the Moon Village.