Statute of the Association

The founders of the Moon Village Association, emphasizing that the Moon Village will be a common destination for multiple users and multiple uses where different nations could collaborate together for sustainable operations on the lunar surface as well as in cis-lunar space; acknowledging that the Moon Village will encompass infrastructure and systems supporting surface operations or stand-alone activities in lunar orbits; believing that the Moon Village will enable important new opportunities for the science of the Moon, on the Moon and from the Moon; convinced that the Moon Village could become the proving ground for the future exploration of Mars and other celestial bodies; appreciating that the Moon Village vision will play a key role in the long-term, peaceful, and sustainable evolution of humankind; highlighting that the Moon Village will serve as a catalyst for governmental, scientific, educational and commercial activities and for stimulating investments; and expecting that, on the basis of governmental and private funding, industry will build infrastructures and provide products as well as create new applications and services, have joined efforts to establish the Moon Village Association.

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Last edited: August, 2018