Become an Institutional Member

Institutional members fees

  • Universities and NGOs: €100.
  • Companies up to 100 employees: €500.
  • Companies with 100 to 1000 employees: €1,000.
  • Companies larger than 1000 employees: €2,500.

MVA Institutional Member Benefits

International expert environment

  • Non-partisan, unbiased forum for discussion on and implementation of best ways to explore and utilise the Moon
  • Direct connection to all the major players worldwide – agencies, companies, think tanks, venture capitalists etc.
  • Interaction with scientists and astronauts via the MVA working groups

“Rules of the game” in the making

  • Possibility to propose, contribute to (via own delegates) and even lead MVA working groups, studies and other key initiatives
  • Chance to impact the respective agendas and to lobby own interests in critically important areas – Moon Village architecture, standards, economic issues, coordination and partnership etc.

Widening business horizons

  • Perspective to become a participant of the multi-billion Moon market of goods and services
  • Privilege to access an MVA data base of products, technologies and services available worldwide (demand & supply)
  • Possibility to capitalise on the presence among the MVA members of non-space industries, commercial firms etc.

“Operational” privileges

  • Right to participate in the General Assembly and to vote for decisions that shape MVA’s action plan
  • Right to submit a proposal to host an MVA annual workshop or a regional event
  • Eligibility to propose and host dedicated plenary sessions or roundtables of interest to the company at MVA annual workshop or regional events

Palpable financial benefits

  • discounted rates for participation of the company’s representatives in MVA events and for having exhibition area at these events

Visibility and marketing

  • Visibility in MVA promotional and events-related publications
  • Presence of the company’s profile and news on the MVA website, in its newsletter and social media
  • Positive public perception.


  • right to be nominated for an annual MVA award for best achievements in Moon exploration and utilization.


Institutional, NGO
€100 for 1 year
Institutional, Small
€500 for 1 year
Institutional, Medium
€1,000 for 1 year
Institutional, Large
€2,500 for 1 year

MVA Institutional Members