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Volunteer with the UK Moon Village Association!

We are excited to announce several volunteer opportunities within the UK chapter of the Moon Village Association (MVA). As we strive to make the Moon Village concept a reality, we need passionate, dedicated volunteers to help lead our initiatives. If you are passionate about Lunar Exploration, join us in this global endeavour!

Available Volunteer Roles:

1. Events Lead

The Events Lead is responsible for organizing, managing, and coordinating MVA events in the UK. This includes workshops, International Moon Day (IMD) celebration, public outreach programs, seminars, and any other gatherings aimed at fostering awareness and engagement with the Moon Village concept. The Events Lead will work closely with local stakeholders, space agencies, educational institutions, the other leads and the national coordinator to promote the MVA’s objectives, ensuring the events align with the global standards and ambitions of the MVA.

2. Social Media Lead

As the Social Media Lead, you will be the voice of the UK MVA on digital platforms. Your main tasks involve creating, curating, and managing all content for social media channels to boost visibility and engagement. This role requires staying updated with the latest trends in space / lunar exploration and the MVA’s activities to effectively communicate them to a diverse audience, while working closely with the other leads and the national coordinator. You will also be responsible for responding to inquiries and fostering a community around the Moon Village vision in the UK.

3. Membership Lead

The Membership Lead’s primary responsibility is to grow and maintain the UK membership base of the MVA. This involves outreach to potential individual and institutional members, explaining the benefits and opportunities of joining the MVA, working closely with the other leads as and when required and providing material. You will also organise membership drives and maintain relationships with existing members through regular updates and exclusive opportunities from the UK and global MVA offerings, working closely with the other leads and the national coordinator. Your goal is to ensure a vibrant, engaged, and diverse membership that reflects the inclusive ethos of the MVA.

4. Projects Lead

    The Projects Lead oversees all UK-based initiatives and projects related to the MVA. This role entails identifying project opportunities, coordinating with international and local partners, creating UK project teams for the existing MVA working groups and ensuring projects align with MVA’s goals of promoting lunar exploration and settlement. You will work within and out with the membership to create potential projects and project teams, working closely with other team leads, the national coordinator and other stakeholders across the UK space sector to facilitate the lunar exploration vision into the UK Space sector . This position requires leadership and project management skills to handle potential complex, multi-disciplinary tasks effectively.

    Why Volunteer with Us?

    As a volunteer with the MVA, you’ll have the unique opportunity to contribute to humanity’s next giant leap in space exploration and bring that vision into the UK Space ethos. You’ll work alongside international experts, gain invaluable skills and experience, and play a direct role in shaping the future of lunar exploration and settlement.

    How to Apply

    If you are interested in any of these roles, please send your CV and a cover letter explaining why you would like to contribute to the specified position and prior experiences (if any) supporting it to gro.n1716481224oitai1716481224cossa1716481224egall1716481224ivnoo1716481224m@ala1716481224tnihc1716481224itok.1716481224ahtew1716481224s1716481224. We welcome applications from individuals from all backgrounds who share our passion for the moon, space and community engagement.

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