MVA Payload – Call for Lander Coordinator (LC)

A new way in which the Moon Village Association (MVA) may contribute to humanity’s journey to the Moon is through the development and implementation of payloads to the lunar surface fostering global cooperation and inspiring the public.

In particular, the first MVA payload team has decided to develop a camera system mounted on a lunar lander. This camera system would look back at Earth with the goal to re-enact and renew the famous “Overview Effect”, as well as to be used for some scientific investigations.  The Earth images will be accessible via the MVA website. In addition, the camera system will have a scientific sensor such as radiation sensor that can measure the radiation intensity at the surface of landing area; as well as seismic sensor for earth quack measurements; moreover, these sensors readings will be interpreted into “sound signals” which can be used as an exciting effect with the image to create more publicity “you can hear and see the lunar surface!”

The “Overview Effect”, originated from Earth pictures taken by the Apollo missions, was at the root of the environmental movements and it embodies the spirit of cooperation that the Moon Village has. It will be a powerful tool to raise awareness of the Moon Village and its relevance for Earth sustainable development. Future MVA payloads more oriented to test new technologies and ways of cooperating in the Moon Village will be defined later.

It is anticipated that the imaging payload would be small and as simple as possible, so that it would be mounted on a lunar lander, planned during the next two years.

The Moon Village Association would like to invite individuals to participate in the development of this project that is now contemplating: definition, development, launch and operations of a lunar surface Earth-imaging payload.

This invitation is open to all individuals’ members worldwide, who has the experience in optoelectronic system design.

The Contribution requested in this call is VOLUNTARY BASED!

This position is not PAID!

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Who should apply?
  • Applicant is, preferably, having an experience at One Or More of the following disciplines:  

Lunar rideshare missions, lunar landing system interfaces; lunar mission constraints and scientific return.


The applicant should have a master degree in space related engineering field.


The applicant is preferred to have 3 years of experience in developing space systems and/ or launder interfaces .

Mandates and duties
  • LC Applicate will allocate almost 6 hours per week for this activity.
  • LC Applicant will follow up/ coordinate with project partners and team for landing opportunities including the requirements from common lunar landing opportunities, in a biweekly basis.
  • LC Applicant will support, coordinate finding an opportunity for a rideshare lunar mission with potential opportunities.
  • LC Applicant will coordinate documentation per phase as per lunar missions’ common constraints.

If you wish to participate in this exciting project, please provide your response by 1 June 2022, by submitting the following form:

The following are needed for the application

  1. Your CV
  2. Short motivation letter

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