3rd PromoMoon Initiative – Top 7 winners announcement

We are happy to announce that the first stage of evaluation of the 3rd PromoMoon Initiative’s applications is complete.

Top-7 projects with novel ideas relating to lunar technologies have been selected (applicants are shown in no particular order):

 1Space Copy: Regolith Extraction and Processing Technology For Lunar-Enabled ManufacturingMadison C. Feehan, B.Com, Space Copy – Startup, CanadaInfrastructure, construction, and ISRU on the Moon (habitats, life support system, ISRU, their subsystems, and other)
 2Advancements in Lunar Power Generation and StorageAayush Thakur, Raushan Pandit, Connect Curious Minds – Team of students, NepalPower systems for the Moon infrastructure (production, storage, distribution)
 3Tear Bio-marker & microbiome comparison in gravity & microgravity conditionsDr. Ramkishor Sah, Dr. Jeewan Singh Titiyal, Dr. namrata Sharma, Dr. Rakesh Yadav, Dr. nand Kumar, Dr. Subhradip Karmakar, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Startup, New Delhi, IndiaOther Space Biology, Space-Flight Associated Neuro Ocular Syndrome (SANS), Space Medicine, Space Health and Wellness, Space Exploration, Mindfulness, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Gut-Oral_Ocular Microbiome and Tear Biomarker
 4Development of the concept of in-situ thermal dissociation of regolith oxide compounds under the influence of an electromagnetic field to produce oxygen gas in relation to lunar conditionsMolchanov Lavr, Golub Tetiana, Borisenko Andriy, Iron and steel institute of Z.I. Nekrasov of National academy of science of Ukraine – State research center, UkraineInfrastructure, construction, and ISRU on the Moon (habitats, life support system, ISRU, their subsystems, and other)
 5Development of materials for machines that will extract water on the MoonDerkach O., Makarenko D., Muranov Y., Kabat O. Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University – Team of young professionals, UkraineTransportation ON the Moon (rovers, hoppers, landers, their subsystems, and other)
 6Space Architecture: Planetary Analog HabitatBayan Thyabat Maxime Rogé Sondos Alhdairis Zaid Nusair, SAMA – Team of young professionals, JordanInfrastructure, construction, and ISRU on the Moon (habitats, life support system, ISRU, their subsystems, and other)
 7Monitoring Lunar water as propellantJordi Sandalinas, Ocean Orbit Aerospace – Individual, SpainOther Fixed Wing Drone Deployment on Lunar Surface for Water Monitorization

Our sincere congratulations to the Top-7 winners!

And thanks to all who participated but didn’t make it further. We encourage you to continue your research and apply for the next 4th PromoMoon Initiative.

The Top-7 finalists are given an option to submit their updated proposals within April 11 – 17, 2024.

You will find the 3rd PromoMoon Initiative’s schedule at https://moonvillageassociation.org/announcement-3rd-promomoon-initiative-for-moon-village-generation-in-honor-of-dr-alexander-degtyarev/

On the final selection, three teams will be selected to receive free-of-charge B2B mentorship. In addition, the teams will be given the opportunity for their work to be featured in a paper to be presented at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Milan in October 2024. Team leaders/members of the winning teams will also be invited to be co-authors of the paper.

For any questions, please contact Shima Suresh at gro.n1716482204oitai1716482204cossa1716482204egall1716482204ivnoo1716482204m@hse1716482204rus.a1716482204mihs1716482204