6th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium Recordings

Day 1 – Tuesday, November 8

Day 1 Program

Opening Plenary Session

  • Welcoming Remarks
  • Overview of Moon Village Association Activities
  • Overview of the International Moon Day (IMD)
  • Overview of the Workshop & Symposium

Plenary Session 1

  • NASA’s Moon-to-Mars Planetary Autonomous Construction Technology Project Overview, Dr. Raymond G. Clinton (NASA MSFC)
  • Activities at JAXA’s Space Exploration Innovation Hub / Center for Future Lunar Exploration, Prof. I. Funaki (JAXA)
  • Lockheed Martin Lunar Thoughts and Activities, Melissa May (Lockheed Martin)
  • Lunar Development by Japanese Industry: Momentum created by non-Space companies, Satoru KUROSU (Yokogawa Electric Corp)
  • Physiological concerns for humans adapting to partial gravity, Ohira Yoshinobu (Kyoto Doshisha University)

Luncheon Program
Flexible Logistics & Exploration (Flex), Jaret B. Mathews (Venturi Astrolab)

Plenary Session 2

  • Visions of Lunar Exploration, Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (USC; MVA North American Coordinator)
  • Dose Effects Models for Lunar Space Missions Risk Assessment, Prof. A. Bartoloni (INFN Roma and CERN)
  • EuroMoonMars and Space Renaissance Highlights, Dr. Bernard Foing (ESA, ret.)
  • The Role of Advanced Space Transportation (Space Elevators) in Lunar Development, P. Swan

Plenary Session 3

  • Could the Moon be considered for the Unesco Cultural Heritage Listing?, D. Urbah (PSL + SGACC)
  • The Status of Lunar Settlements and Settlors under Customary International Law, Dennis O’Brien (The Space Treaty Institute)
  • The role of the moon in US / Space Force planning for cis-lunar space operations, Peter Garretson (Senior Fellow in Defense Studies, American Foreign Policy Council)

Day 2 – Wednesday , November 9

Day 2 Program

Opening / Plenary Session 4

  • Day 1 Recap and Opening Remarks, J. C. Mankins
  • Three essential “Core” concepts for Space Exploration – Core Biome, Core Technology and Core Society, Y. A. Yamashiki (Kyoto University)
  • Space Settlement in Low Earth Orbit, Al Globus (NSS)
  • Reference Modeling of a Society on the Moon, Y. Inatani (ISAS, retired; MVA Board member)

Plenary Session 5

  • Artemis Base Camp Candidate Sites: Constraints, Layouts, and Road-trips, P. Lee (Mars Institute)
  • Lunar Commerce Portfolio Presentation, D. Webber & D. Bienhoff
  • Humanity and the Moon: Lunar Governance, M. Hanlon (For All Moonkind, NSS)
  • Lunar Analogue Telerobotic Experience, Rob Mueller
  • Overview of OASIS 2045, J.C. Mankins (MVA Arch WG Co-Chair)

Luncheon Program
Challenges for Lunar Exploration, Rick Tumlinson (Space Fund)

Architecture WG Breakout Session

  • Architecture WG Breakout Session Introduction, J.C. Mankins (MVA Arch. WG, Co-Chair)
  • Lunar Robotics Options; TUX, G. Barnhard & G. Baiden
  • Cold-welding for Space Construction, M.B. Sefer
  • Feasibility analysis of in-situ mining of lunar surface soil & resources utilization for energy storage and conversion for power generation, Ahmed HALA (Gaseous Electronics, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Dual-Use Applications of Space Construction Technology, R. Fischer (NASA MSFC)
  • MVA WS&S MoonPort-1 Hackathon Intro & Presentations (Zoom), Intro / Lead: P. (‘Pavi’) Manghaipathy (by zoom)

Day 3 – Thursday , November 10

Day 3 Program

Opening Plenary Session

  • Opening Remarks, Re-cap of Meeting, J.C. Mankins
  • Lunar Commerce Portfolio Roll-Out Breakout Session Recap, D. Bienhoff
  • Lunar Governance Breakout Session Recap, M. Hanlon & J.C. Mankins
  • Analogues WG Breakout Session Recap, Rob Mueller
  • PromoMoon Overview, B. Detera
  • Lunar Space Transportation Options Comparison, D. Bienhoff (OffWorld)
  • Announcment of Lunar Museum of Art, Michael Potter

Plenary Session 7

  • Lunar Light & Power Concepts, G. Barnhard (Xisp, Inc.)
  • Overview of NASA Exploration Planning Updates: the Moon-to-Mars Objectives, J. C. Mankins (VP, MVA)
  • Working Discussion: Future Directions for OASIS 2045, J. C. Mankins (VP, MVA) & All

Gala Luncheon Program

  • Gala Luncheon
  • MVA 2023 WS&S Announcement
  • IMD Announcements
  • GEGSLA and MVA Announcments
  • Summary of the 2022 WS&S