Moon Village Association

The 1st International Moon Village workshop, organized by Moon Village Association
(MVA) together with International Space University (ISU), took place in Strasbourg on 19-21 November 2017 and gathered more than 150 participants (final report is downloadable from

The 2nd International Moon Village workshop and symposium, being organized by
MVA in cooperation with the University of Southern California (USC) and the National
Space Society (NSS) will take place at/near the USC campus on 4-5 November 2018. It is expected to have about 120-150 participants.


In accordance with the currently adopted MVA policy regarding the Association’s
annual event, its location is to be alternated between Europe, the Americas and Asia.


As a result, the 2019 event will be held in Asia.


Click here to download the requirements list.


Submission deadline, October 20, 2018.