Contest – One to one video call with an Astronaut


A 30-min one-to-one video call with astronaut DORIN PRUNARIU, flown into space aboard Soyuz 40 spacecraft and Salyut 6 space laboratory to complete scientific experiments in the fields of astrophysics, space radiation, technology, medicine and biology. He is the 103rd human to fly into space!

The 2 WINNERS are:

Male, 21 years old, from Italy, lives in Pavia
Female, 26 years old, from Bhutan, lives in Thimphu


If you fit the above description, please send an email to yc.gr1713347318o.oes1713347318c@osa1713347318-avm1713347318 with your personal details, no later than June 9, to arrange the call!

Deadline: Closed