Deadlines are approaching – Call for Nomination for the Moon Village Principles/ Activities Awards 2019 – Call for Proposals to host the 4th Workshop & Symposium 2020

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The deadlines for the two calls are approaching. If you intend to respond to these Calls, please do so before the deadline expires.

Call for Nomination: Moon Village Principles – Activities Awards for 2019

The “Moon Village Principles (MVP)” were issued in December 2018, defining for the first time the boundary of the Moon Village. Within the boundary of the MV there are Missions and Activities. Starting in 2019, Moon Village Association is annually assessing missions and activities of various organizations with respect to MVP. This is done to transform the MV concept in real mission and activities fostering global cooperation between Organizations and Individuals.
The purpose of this call is to request information about MVP – Activities, completed, latest by 2018, which have made significant contribution for future lunar exploration, development and/or settlement. MVP activities are, for example: R&D projects, university/industry/research center studies and reports, analogue campaigns, etc.  
The activities do not involve flight hardware, which are part of the MVP –Missions awards.

Deadline: October 30, 2019

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Call for Proposals: Host the 4th International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium in 2020

The Moon Village Workshop & Symposium is the major annual forum organised by the MVA. It is devoted to discussions on different aspects of the exploration and utilisation of the Moon, and is focused on the most recent progress achieved by the MVA along the lines of its ongoing activities and on the future planning.
In accordance with the currently adopted MVA policy regarding the Association’s annual event, its location is to be alternated between Europe, the Americas and Asia. As a consequence, the 2020 event will be held in Europe.

Deadline: October 31, 2019

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