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Cultural Considerations WG webinar – The Deep Space Effect, Culture And The Human Space Program

March 22, 2023 @ 18:00 19:30 CET

An in-depth webinar on the possible effects of humanity’s encounter with deep space. After the first space flights and the first testimonies of the astronauts on the Overview Effect, pacifist and ecological movements have developed on a large scale. How will global society react when space travel multiplies and travelers report their impressions of the immensity of the cosmic void? Will they choose the universalist sentiments reported by Edgar Mitchell or will they espouse the pessimistic vision of William Shatner? In this webinar, space philosopher and author of seminal books, Frank White, will focus on probable cultural shifts and how to organize the next space exploration fairly and sustainably.

Remo Rapetti

Key Speaker:
Frank White, space philosopher and author

Comments and questions by:
Giuseppe Reibaldi, President, MVA
Giulio Prisco, futurist, cosmist and author
Stefano Catucci, philosopher and author

Q&A session:
Arthur Woods