MVA GNF at the IAC 2021, Dubai – Sustainable Lunar Activities – The way-forward

The Panel will discuss current issues related to achieving sustainable lunar activities. In particular the Global Expert Groupon Sustainable Lunar Activities (GEGSLA) initiated by the Moon Village Association will be presented. GEGSLA has beencreated to derisk future missions and increase international cooperation by defining common level playing field for futurelunar missions. GEGSLA is composed of multi stakeholders experts from government/space agency, industry, academia, civilsociety, international organizations and the public. Perspectives from several stakeholders will be presented during the paneltogether with a discussion and a Q&A session with the public

Moon Village Association’s Payload Project

MVA First Payload Project-Webinar is the First event of the project that discusses the formulation of the consortium and role of each member in the project. During the 1 hour Webinar, partners will present the scope and progress of their work Packages. Both technical and outreach issues will be covered to show how the MVA intends to develop and operate its First Payload Camera on the lunar surface.