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Lunar Commerce & Economics WG Webinar – Commercial potential of the Moon – why and how?

June 05, 2021 @ 14:00 15:00 CEST

Humankind is going back to the Moon – both via robotic and crewed missions. Indeed, it is hoped that now, over a half century since the Apollo landings, this time the intention will be to stay. Various architectures are being proposed which address the technical challenges of providing an environment for the future occupants of the facilities on and below the lunar surface. Also, a great deal of work is taking place to establish the legal and regulatory basis for such a future habitation and working base. But how will the financial resources become available to make this future possible, and how can a truly commercial set of enterprises on the lunar surface function to provide revenues, creating the next, permanent, phase of lunar development?

This webinar will provide an insight into how the Moon Village Association (MVA) is tackling these questions, by the creation of a Working Group on Lunar Commerce and Economics (LCE), which is working to produce a “Lunar Commerce Portfolio”. This will be created from the best available international data, and will become a reference source for the planning community – in space agencies, in the series of commercial entities contributing to these activities, and to the venture capital and insurance sectors underwriting the entrepreneurial companies taking these first commercial steps. The webinar will provide you with an early insight into this important new work, and the form in which it is being developed. The future on the Moon will have to be largely a result of commercial developments.

Check out the webinar to get an advanced insight into the nature of the businesses that will be involved, both space and non-space alike, and how we will be driving toward understanding the opportunities our Moon may present us.




  1. Introduction to the MVA – Giuseppe Reibaldi (5 min)
  2. What is the Lunar Commerce and Economics working group? – Derek Webber (10 min )
  3. Why the Lunar Commerce Portfolio is needed? Derek Webber (10 min )
  4. Approach to creating the Lunar Commerce Portfolio – Jenna Tiwana (10 min )
  5. Work of Lunar Commerce and Economics team so far – Jenna Tiwana (10 min )
  6. Q&A N/A – managed by Mclee Kerolle (15 min)


  • Giuseppe Reibaldi, President of the Moon Village Association (MVA)
  • Derek Webber, Co-Chair of the Working Group on Lunar Commerce and Economics (LCE) of the MVA
  • Jenna Tiwana, Co-Chair of the Working Group on Lunar Commerce and Economics (LCE) of the MVA
  • Mclee Kerolle, Secretary to the Working Group on Lunar Commerce and Economics (LCE) of the MVA