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MVA participation in APRSAF Space Policy and Law Working Group (SPLWG)

December 01, 2021 @ 06:00 07:30 UTC+0

MVA Vice President, John C. Mankins will represent the Moon Vilalge Association at the APRSAF Space Policy and Law Working Group (SPLWG).

This session will discuss and envisage how international governance should be to understand, share and mitigate the anticipated risks in future space domain taking into consideration the new space activities involving emerging space players in Asia-Pacific region. The session will have presentations focusing on views and opinions concerning space sustainability surrounding emerging public and commercial players in the region. As we recognize it would be important to work with emerging space faring nations to effectively implement the “soft law” where every stakeholders could observe, such as UN Guidelines for the Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities (LTS Guidelines), we aim to find out the challenges and possible international cooperation for ensuring the space sustainability through the discussion with speakers from Asia-Pacific region.

The specific topics in the session will include: 1) Future space activities in the Asia-Pacific region and anticipated risks and threats to the sustainable use of outer space; 2) LEO governance considering satellites mega-constellation, on-orbit servicing, which could result in risks such as increasing collision of satellites; and 3) Lunar governance considering how emerging countries and private sector could work sustainably in moon exploration and exploitation.

More info at https://www.aprsaf.org/working_groups/spl/