MVA – LSA webinar: Space Resources – through the lens of Scientific and Commercial key players (Non-space actors go to the Moon series)

Goal The goal is to address the capabilities and opportunities Space Resources-related industries have to offer, meeting companies with wide range of vision; to identify what to expect and what more to know; to learn how can research nurture the economic perspective. Tentative topics to focus on: Cheering of non-space industries’ involvement in the Moon-related activities, identification of those industries (mining, architecture, robotics, energy …)Finding mutual benefits for space and non-space industries cooperation in the context of the Moon resources exploration & utilizationEconomic expediency and commercial opportunities for non-space industries to invest in new developments aiming at a “dual use”…

GEGSLA Public webinar – Towards Sustainable Lunar Activities

Agenda Introduction to the Webinar Science from/on the MoonSustainable Lunar Exploration is coming: Industry/Government presentations of Lunar Landing Missions (3) planned in 2022Urgent Issues for sustainable Lunar Exploration/UtilizationGEGSLA objectivesQ&A More info TBA