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MVA Hackathon Info Session

Join this hackathon info session to learn more about the problem statement, the design constraints, assumptions and stick around for brainstorming discussions! For more details about the competition, prizes and networking opportunities, please join the slack workspace: Join the info session from Zoom:

MVA & JAXA Webinar: Moon surface mobility in the decades to come

The third in the series of webinars “Non-Space Business Goes to the Moon” Co-organisers: MVA and JAXA Participants: MHI, Toyota, Lockheed Martin, MDA, Lunar Outpost When: December 14, 2022 from 14h00 to 15h30 CET Moon Village Association (MVA) and Japanese Space Exploration Agency (JAXA) will host onDecember 14, 1400 CET a webinar on the topic of ‘Moon surface mobility in the decades tocome’.  One of the top priorities for MVA in the context of the Moon Market creation is engagement of thenon-space companies. The webinar is third in the series of ‘Non-Space Business Goes To The Moon’.JAXA is currently very…

MVA Africa webinar: Africa and the New Lunar Economy

With the rapid evolution of the African space industry, it is essential to have discussions on economies' planned or anticipated lunar ambitions. This webinar will educate space experts, young professionals, and students in the African space industry about the Moon Village Association's role in the developing lunar economy. The webinar will also introduce participants to the MVA's various working groups, membership categories, and how to get involved in its activities. Agenda Register on Zoom:

Cultural WG webinar: Deep Space Effect

This webinar is organised in cooperation with SPACE RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL (SRI) Registration AGENDA Frank White has authored or coauthored numerous books on topics ranging from space exploration to climate change to artificial intelligence. His best-known work,The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, is considered by many to be a seminal work in the field of space exploration. A film called "Overview," based largely on his work, has had nearly 8 million plays on Vimeo. White considers himself to be a "space philosopher," and has long advocated developing a new philosophy of space exploration. His book on this topic, The…

Cultural Considerations WG webinar – The Deep Space Effect, Culture And The Human Space Program

An in-depth webinar on the possible effects of humanity's encounter with deep space. After the first space flights and the first testimonies of the astronauts on the Overview Effect, pacifist and ecological movements have developed on a large scale. How will global society react when space travel multiplies and travelers report their impressions of the immensity of the cosmic void? Will they choose the universalist sentiments reported by Edgar Mitchell or will they espouse the pessimistic vision of William Shatner? In this webinar, space philosopher and author of seminal books, Frank White, will focus on probable cultural shifts and how…