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Cultural WG webinar – Moon Rocks: Study and Inspiration

‘For although our voyage is to be outward, it is also to be inward, to the sources of all great acts, which are not out there, but in here, in us all, where the muses dwell.’ Joseph Campbell, Myths to Live By, 1972 The six Apollo Moon Surface Missions yielded a rich collection of lunar […]

Cultural WG & Lunar Human Physiology & Biology WG webinar: Microgravity and Human Health

Co-organised by Cultural Considerations WG & Lunar Human Physiology & Biology WG With Elisa Raffaella Ferre, Birkbeck University, LondonThe Next Small Step: How Microgravity influences Brain and Behaviour Thais Russomano, Co-Founder & CEO, InnovaSpace-UKSpace Medicine: Challenges and Achievements Register for free to participate About Space travel involves, as is known, considerable physical risks for those […]

“The Path of Man between Science and Technology” : 40 Years Later The Return to the Moon and the Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

Giorgio Amendola Foundation Via Tollegno 52, Torino, Torino, Italy

At the Giorgio Amendola Foundation, Via Tollegno 52 - 10154 Turin (TO) Tuesday, April 16, 2024 from 10:00 to 20:00 In 1984, on the first issue of the “Rinnovamento” magazine published by the emerging Amendola Foundation, Gianni Jarre, a professor of aerospace engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, in an article titled "The Path […]

Earth Day 2024 – Climate Action & Lunar Exploration

Virtual Event co-organised with The Human Space Program and Cosmic Citizen Trainings Register Love it or hate it, a new era of Lunar exploration is here. Join the conversation and influence its unfolding. At the start of this new venture of a permanent presence on the Moon, we aim to stimulate the alliance of […]

Cultural Considerations WG webinar – Still as bright

“Still as Bright blends scientific, cultural and personal strands in an exploration of the Moon and its place in our lives and in mine. I come to know the Moon through my backyard telescope, traversing its wild and sublime surface while contemplating place, time, childhood, mortality—and the future of humans on the Moon. You'll meet […]