MVA Jordan – JSRI Space Architecture Series

This Friday we will be hosting the third webinar in our Space Architecture Series this month as part of our ongoing competition! The series features space architects presenting their work and design considerations, giving our competition participants a chance to learn from experts in the field and get guidance on their ongoing designs for JSRI’s space analog facility. We are pleased to announce our third invited speaker and long-time collaborator: Leszek Orzechowski is an architect and founder of Space is More – a space architecture company that also runs Lunares Research Station – a European analog habitat. Leszek is an…

Cultural WG webinar – Space Design For A New Extra-Terrestrial Human Being

with Annalisa Dominoni & Benedetto Quaquaro Introduction by  Remo Rapetti, Q&A session by Arthur Woods Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 17.30 CEST Why “Space Design”? We believe space today, and in the future, will have an ever more decisive influence on the daily life, behaviours and performance of people, and, consequently, on the transformative capacity of private companies to generate innovation and new business models, thanks to the strategic contribution of design. “Go to space” is the new aspirational dream. Design is visionary, design is innovation, and act as a "bridge" between science and beauty, speaking the different languages of…

IAC2022 – Session D4.2: Contribution of Moon Village to Solving Global Societal Issues

LocationRoom E06B IPC members Co-Chair: Dr. Giuseppe Reibaldi, Moon Village Association (MVA), Austria;Co-Chair: Prof. Yu Lu, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, China, China;Rapporteur: Ms. Paivi Jukola, Aalto University, Finland; Link During the Session, the papers "The first International Moon Day and its contribution to Peaceful Lunar Exploration and Utulisation" by Dr. Nasr Alsahhaf, "Emerging Space Countries and the Future of Lunar Exploration" by Mr. Ghanim Alotaibi and "PromoMoon Initiative: Capacity-building activity for New Space market development on lunar technologies" by Ms. Bernadette Detera will be presented.

IAC2022 – Session E3.2: The future of space exploration and innovation

LocationRoom E04B Description Technological innovation, new policies and initiatives have allowed public and private actors to once again focus their energy on space exploration ventures. this session provides an opportunity to discuss the changing space exploration context and current challenges and opportunities for future space activities in this domain. Link During the session, the paper "The Global Expert Group on Sustainable Lunar Activities (GEGSLA) contribution to the International Lunar Governance definition" will be presented, by Dr. Giuseppe Reibaldi

IAC2022- Moon Village Association Open Floor Meeting

Location Room 721/722 The Moon Village Association (MVA) invites everyone to the in-person MVA Open Floor Meeting during the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Paris on 20th September.Get to know the latest activities of MVA, meet and network with MVA members and partners. This event is open to everyone - both members and non-members. We look forward to seeing you in IAC! Agenda: 10:00-10:10    Opening/Ingress10:10-10:20    Welcome remarks10:20-10:35    MVA Highlights and Updates (year 2021 to 2022)10:35-10:50    IMD 2022 Highlights10:50-10:55    Invitation to MVA 2022 WS&S; Announcement of PromoMoon 202310:55-11:00    Opportunities/Vacancies at MVA11:00-11:05    Group Photo11:05-11:25   …

IAC2022 – Press Conference: The First The International Moon Day – 20 July 2022

LocationTerminal 7 Description The Moon Village Association considers that the peaceful exploration and utilisation of the Moon is the next step for humanity in opening new perspectives related to economic, cultural, and inspirational goals. The Moon has huge benefits to offer to humanity, but these must be shared between all countries and involve space and non-space industries. Humanity needs to work together to reach this goal with all stakeholders, including governments, industry, academia, international organisations, and the public. MVA proposed at the United Nations Committee on the Use of Outer Space the celebration of the International Moon Day on 20…

MVA Hackathon Info Session

Join this hackathon info session to learn more about the problem statement, the design constraints, assumptions and stick around for brainstorming discussions! For more details about the competition, prizes and networking opportunities, please join the slack workspace: Join the info session from Zoom: