Fund a fellow by Open Lunar Foundation

Open Lunar Foundation engages in programs and activities to create a peaceful, self-sustaining presence on the Moon, with the goals of preserving Earth’s species and knowledge, and the positive evolution of civilization for the benefit of life. We work on policy and partnerships that support a sustainable lunar settlement driven by open values.

The fellowship program offers a cohort model with social learning between diverse skills, and research outputs both individually and collaboratively. Open Lunar promotes the development of each Fellow individually, and gains new insight from each piece of research conducted.  Our research fellows are early-mid career professionals. They have the opportunity to do independent research, and join our existing research work programs in policy, technology, economics, architecture and more. We have run this program for three years and have hosted 17 fellows during that time, producing more than 20 research products, all available on our website.

Our fellowship is stipend based, you can help support further research on lunar topics by sponsoring future fellows through the fund a fellow campaign. A stipend based fellowship provides value for the work that our fellows put in while realising humanity’s vision for the Moon and helps them support their future in the dynamic space sector. Your support towards the fund a fellow campaign enables our Fellows’ research to drive humanity’s lunar future. You can have outsized leverage, catalysing a generation of positive space development.

100% of donations go to the fellows.