MVA is looking for an interested volunteer to take the position of the MVA Auditor

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Description of requested activities:

  • Analyze the way income from contributions is put to use.
  • Control how cash and financial records are protected from theft or mismanagement.  Control how unethical accounting practices or costly mistakes are avoided.
  • Supervise the MVA’s business continuously.
  • Audit the financial management regarding the regularity and correctness of the financial reporting.
  • Audit the use of the MVA’s funds following its statute.
  • Review internal reports for the period beginning after the previous audit.
  • Examine the accounts and the financial report prepared by the Treasurer.
  • Inform the Board about the results of the audit.
  • Present the results of the audit to the General Assembly
  • Recommend the General Assembly to discharge or not the Board from liability.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Knowledge and experience in financial accounting
  • Experience with project management and finance.
  • Responsible and reliable personality.
  • Interest in complete, accurate, and correct financial accounting.

MVA Auditor is nominated by the MVA Board and approved by the General Assembly for two years with the possibility to prolongate.

The General Assembly takes place on June 16 this year.

Possible candidates for the function are invited to express their interest and to send a short professional CV to Glafki Antoniou, MVA Management Support (gro.n1719061000oitai1719061000cossa1719061000egall1719061000ivnoo1719061000m@uoi1719061000notna1719061000.ikfa1719061000lg1719061000) with a copy to Jan Kolar, MVA Treasurer, (gro.n1719061000oitai1719061000cossa1719061000egall1719061000ivnoo1719061000m@ral1719061000ok.na1719061000j1719061000) till June 4, 2022.