Moon Village Association

Participation of Emerging Space Countries (PESC)


In recent times, there have been an increasing number of significant plans for missions to the Moon. However, as some countries and companies “rush” to the Moon, most countries around the world are left behind. Addressing this discrepancy is an important challenge for the international space community and the world. The Moon Village concept is a critical framework for addressing this challenge and aims to demonstrate the potential of an international private-public partnership to advance human space exploration through cross-disciplinary cooperation.

The first step to bringing emerging space countries into the Moon story is to identify a path for emerging space countries to become part of the Moon Village. The Moon Village Association (MVA) has designed and initiated a project called Moon Village Participation of Emerging Space Countries (MV-PESC). The project aims to bring interest and excitement about the Moon Village to non-space faring countries and emerging space countries. It also aims to help these countries learn about the opportunities and benefits that the Moon Village can provide.

Project Manager: Ghanim Alotaibi

What is the MV-PESC project?

The MV-PESC project has two main elements, which would be implemented in each country that participates. 

1. MV-PESC Event

This is a two-day workshop that targets youth ages 18-35 but is open to participants of all ages. The participants will develop ideas on how to enable their country to participate in the Moon Village. The event is co-hosted by the MVA and a local organising team (see Call for Proposals

2. Country Roadmap

During the MV-PESC event, participants will begin crafting a country-specific roadmap. The roadmap is basically a peer reviewed research paper that outlines a detailed plan to facilitate a country’s participation in the Moon Village. In other words, it is the document that will communicate the youth voice and Moon Village vision for that country to the private and the
public sector, laying the groundwork for potential partnerships.

After the event ends, participants will continue working on the country’s roadmap. The participants will be mentored and supervised by experts from the MVA both during and after the event. The MVA has created a detailed mentorship program that takes into account many variables locally and internationally, including the country’s technological capacities, interests, and public/private stakeholders.

After a successful pilot MV-PESC event in Kuwait, the MVA decided to generalize the project globally. The MV-PESC project, therefore, is an international movement for partnership and cooperation to move humanity forward to the Moon. The accumulation of events and roadmaps from all over the world will provide an excellent global overview for potential Public-Private Partnerships and to make a sustainable presence in the moon a truly international effort. The MV-PESC can also be considered as a capacity building program for the youth.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 Crises, the MV-PESC event can be organized online.

Please contact the MV-PESC project manager for more details about the online option.

MV-PESC Project Manager: Ghanim Alotaibi