Qosmosys Secures Historic US$100 Million in Seed Funding, Sets New Industry Record

Singapore, October 17, 2023 – Qosmosys, a pioneering force in lunar technology, is thrilled to announce an industry-record-setting seed funding round of US$100 million. This milestone is a powerful testament to the robust confidence that a distinguished group of private investors has in Qosmosys’ mission, vision, and innovative capabilities.

The injection of this seed capital allows Qosmosys to expedite its strategic goals, fortifying its position as a premier private player in the burgeoning Moon economy. Established in 2020, the company is strategically positioned at the vanguard of the new space race. The funding will be principally allocated to the development of its lunar transportation vehicle, ZeusX, along with complementary technologies aimed at serving a range of lunar applications.

In an industry-first approach, Qosmosys continues to attract investment through a unique and protective funding model. The structure welcomes a limited consortium of investors, safeguarding all stakeholder interests in anticipation of a planned IPO by 2028 at the latest.

Francois Dubrulle, CEO of Qosmosys, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “This landmark investment represents a pivotal moment for both Qosmosys and the broader space exploration sector. We are profoundly thankful for the unwavering commitment demonstrated by our investors, who align with our belief that the Moon presents boundless possibilities, not only for democracies around the world but for the betterment of humanity as a whole.” He added, “The extraordinary team at Qosmosys deserves immense credit for this achievement, which is just the first step in our journey to the Moon.”