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“Is DNA present on the moon?”
-DNA is present in living organisms in Earth, at the moment we are not aware of preexisting living organism on the Moon, and going back to the Moon is a great way of finding out! It is also possible that living organisms were transferred to the Moon with the multiple missions from Earth!

From Italy_

“Does Moon Village have any space medicine relative projects?”
-Not at the moment, but it is a possibility for a future project!

From Sri Lanka_

“What are the scopes of a planetary geologist in the present day space sector?”
-To study the composition of celestial bodies like, the Moon, Mars, asteroids etc. This is important mainly for scientific and commercial reasons, the latter particularly for the Moon.

From India_

“How much helium can be potentially present in moon and are there any current plans on extracting it?”
-Extraction of Helium could be feasible on the Moon, but this assumes the existence of Fusion reactors that will use Helium as fuel. Unfortunately, this development is still far in the future and so Helium extraction on the Moon is not a priority, different from water and other materials

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“How do you plan on ensuring that benefits from using the Moon are equally shared?”
-Within the United Nations Committee of Outer Space, Legal Committee, has been set up a Working Group to define mechanisms to share resources in a mutilateral way. The WG should complete its activities in 2026, in time for the utilization of lunar resources.
If you are interested in lunar governance issues, join MVA and the Adaptive Governance WG.

From the Netherlands_

“What are the possibilities of teraforming the moon in our life span?”
-Terraforming the Moon has not been as widely discussed as terraforming Mars, since the Moon does not have an atmosphere and without it, it is more difficult. However, technology and science will evolve, but at the moment it’s not on the horizon.

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