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The Moon as Muse: Visions for Lunar Artistic Engagement

The Moon has been a fountainhead of humanity’s time awareness beyond days and within seasons. Ancient artwork around the world testifies to the deep origins of our cultural relationship to our satellite world. The sheer volume of literature, music and…

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Cultural WG webinar: Spirituality and the Moon

The spiritual needs of space enthusiasts and future Moon workers and settlers need to be addressed as the settlement of the Moon advances. This webinar will explore possible whys and hows. Agenda: Introduction – Remo Rapetti Futurist Moonlight Meditations –…

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Cultural Considerations WG webinar: Space for Art

The urgent push into space development within the private sector has stimulated debate about public access to space for non-astronauts and for cultural initiatives. The Moon Gallery Foundation has put art at the centre of establishing a significant place for…

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