The Space Renaissance Academy starts 2024 with a great webinar by Remo Rapetti: “The contribution of humanities and social sciences to space exploration” 

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It is a common opinion that space exploration is a matter that exclusively involves science and technology. Certainly the exploits of Gagarin or Apollo 11, the missions of the Shuttle, Mir or the ISS, to mention only the milestones of these first 50 years, were made possible by an amazing leap forward in mathematics, physics, medicine, engineering, etc. Even the most evident repercussions on our daily lives fall exactly within this scientific-technological area, with an unexpected improvement in our existence, which now has fundamental tools for medical research, telecommunications, mobility, etc. But when the human being is involved, things cannot be considered only in the “arid” light of science because human behavior always implicates the humanities and social disciplines, i.e. philosophy, literature, art, psychology, sociology, and even archeology. In my speech, therefore, I intend to underline the essential role that some of these disciplines have had in launching, promoting and realizing the huge enterprises that have opened the door to the Moon, Mars and deep space.

Remo Rapetti, after a long career as director of Italian Cultural Institutes abroad, continued his activity as a cultural promoter and a consultant. He has been the curator of many exhibitions that have been presented in Italy and abroad. For years he was a consultant for international relations of NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan) and of the Futurarium Association. Since its foundation, he has been the coordinator of the Cultural Considerations Working Group of the Moon Village Association and has contributed to defining the cultural path of the group and to the organization of many webinars with the aim of deepening the various cultural themes related to space exploration. He has published articles, translations and critical introductions to books and catalogues. Recently, he has also contributed to the bimonthly Italian magazine Coelum Astronomia.


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