Lunar Commerce and Economics WG is looking for Lunar Agriculture Team Lead

Humankind is going back to the Moon, but this time to stay. To make this possible, we need to engage with a whole array of commercial entities which might not previously have been involved in space business, such as mining industries. The MVA is working to prepare the market for this transforming capability, and to this end has created the Working Group on Lunar Commerce and Economics (LCE), which is creating a Lunar Commerce Portfolio (LCP) – a report characterising and sizing the lunar economy – to address and characterize these needs and opportunities. The Portfolio will examine the lunar economy across 9 markets, each of which is being researched by a Market Team.

The job

The Group is seeking a volunteer Team Lead to manage Market Team 9: Lunar Agriculture and Food Production, starting w/b October 11th, and fully involved by October 18th, and continuing thereafter for about 6 months, possibly longer. This involves, in particular, managing the team members responsible for researching, writing, and creating key sections of the team’s contribution to the LCP.  The workload varies in intensity, but the successful candidate must expect to be able to find at least 2 to 3 hours a week to dedicate to this task. Online team meetings can sometimes be required at times of day that are helpful to members living in time zones all around the globe, as is the case in all international organizations. Other key task include: Working with other team leads to align assumptions, inputs and outputs; monthly interaction with the Co-Chairs to report progress; the potential to present one’s team’s work in public webinars. The successful candidate will need to become a member of the MVA, and furthermore sign a Volunteer Agreement which protects the rights of the volunteers and of the MVA respectively, in producing the Lunar Commerce Portfolio.

The requirements

This position requires important qualities such as supportive team spirit in an international volunteer situation, where good English communication skills will be essential.

In addition, important areas of experience for the successful candidate will include:

  • A strong interest in fields such as: lunar exploration, vertical and smart farming, space-based agriculture, biotechnology
  • Leadership & management skills, particular motivating team members, driving meetings, and organising activity
  • Preferable experience in: essay & report writing, market planning & forecasting, editing & copy writing
  • The ability to work remotely in an international team
  • A strong dedication to completing tasks and supporting others

There are no a-priori requirements regarding nationality, age, or gender.

What are the benefits?

This job offers several benefits, particularly for young professionals and students seeking valuable experience and exposure in the space/high-technology industries:

  • Valuable experience of working with a reputable international organization, and its leadership and experts.
  • A chance to be part of a ground-breaking new study, which might have far-reaching consequences for the development of mankind on the Moon for years to come.
  • New contacts who will likely be involved in Lunar commercial development for decades to come.
The application process

Please submit a Motivation letter (max 2 pages) summarising your experience, focusing on how it meets the needs described in this Vacancy Notice by filling this form:

In case you are unable to submit the form, please send your application to yc.gr1721283304o.oes1721283304c@osa1721283304-avm1721283304

The appointment will be made by the LCE Co-Chairs after submission

The application timeline

  • VN Release date – call for applicants: 20 September 2021
  • Applications close: 31 October 2021
  • Review of applications: 1-5 November 2021
  • Full engagement: 8 November 2021

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