Moon Village Analogue Working Group is looking for Volunteers

There will be no lunar exploration and settlement without the use of Analogue on Earth. The Moon Village Association is looking for individuals interested in fostering the creation of analogues around the world as well as using the existing. Lunar Analogues are playing an important role to conduct research, engineering testing of prototypes as well as outreach preparing the implementation of the Moon Village

We are looking for members of the WG as well as co-chairs (2). The selection of the co-chairs will be made by the Moon Village Association via a selection process, the schedule of this process will be communicated to the applicants

Application deadline: 21 February, 2021

About the Moon Village Analogue Working Group

The Moon Village Analogue Working Group provides a forum for identifying and coordinating activities related to terrestrial analogues for the Moon Village. It also addresses the associated topic of the use of the Moon as an analogue/testbed for future exploration of Mars and other destinations.  Subgroups may be created to investigate specific topics such as Human Interface.  The Working Group can support the creation of Analogues around the world as a tool to contribute to capacity building in space developing countries and in general as outreach to the public.

The Working Group will liase with all the existing Moon Village Association working groups.

What are we looking for?

Do you want to help in humanity’s exploration and settlement of the Moon? This is not a task for the faint-hearted or work-shy! We need volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves and do the necessary hard grind to bring this information together, reach out to their networks and propose/implement specific actions.

The working group is seeking experts in earth analogue as well as in disciplines that are using analogues for scientific and engineering investigations. That is from industry, university, research centers some of which might well be non-space companies, who are working towards preparing future lunar missions.

How to apply?

Application form

Please note that this opportunity is specifically open to Moon Village Association members for the Co-Chairs (2) positions.
For the Co-Chair position, experience in dealing with anologue for at least 5 years is required.
As participant, you may not be required to be a member.

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