MV-PESC Project is looking for a Latin America Group Leader and a Digital Engagement Manager

PESC Project

The Moon Village – Participation of Emerging Space Countries (MV-PESC) Project aims to make the moon a truly international destination. Although we are witnessing a rush to the moon, most of the world population are not part of this rush.  Therefore, the PESC project provides support and mentorship for teams to identify moon opportunities for their countries. These opportunities can be scientific, engineering, commercial or cultural opportunities.

The MV-PESC Project is looking to fill the two positions of Latin America Group Leader and Digital Engagement Manager. The duties of these postion are:

Latin America Group Leader

  1. Follow-up with local teams during the drafting process of the roadmap. This can happen by sending emails or meeting online. Most importantly, to encourage local teams to submit their deliverables within the agreed deadlines.
  2. Follow-up with local teams performing the projects and official communication as per the roadmap and the synthesis matrix created by the Project Manager. The consideration of the guidelines is important.
  3. As per the roadmap, group manager should draft a quarterly plan. This plan should be communicated to local teams and to RCs/PoCs.
  4. Communicate with the Project Manager or Deputy Project Manager if local teams requested extra support.
  5. Provide input and information for the Project Manager and Deputy Project Manager for drafting the annual reports, feedback meeting reports and website.
  6. Follow up with RCs/PoCs and provide necessary support. This requires frequent communications with the RCs/PoCs

Digital Engagement Manager

  1. Create content for outreach activities with the coordination of the Project Manager.
  2. Follow – up with outreach activities by local teams.


If you are interest in any of these positions please submit your CV and a short introductory letter with your motivation statement through the form below.

The application deadline is April 1, 2022.

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