MVA is looking for a Co-Chair of the on Lunar Commerce and Economics (LCE) Working Group

Owing to the departure of Derek Webber from this role at the end of the year, the Working Group on Lunar Commerce and Economics (the WG) is seeking a Co-Chair.  The WG was set up in Early 2021 to promote and facilitate discussion around emerging lunar markets. Its flagship project is the recently published Lunar Commerce Portfolio, a comprehensive market assessment of the nascent lunar economy. The new Co-Chair will work with the current Co-Chair and the WG’s various stakeholders to produce objective, evidence-based analysis that facilitates the development of a commercial lunar ecosystem. The position will offer opportunities for fast-paced personal development, engagement with industry, and the development of expansive personal subject matter expertise.

Application deadline: 23:59 UTC, 13th January 2023


  • Work actively with the other Co-Chair and the WG’s partners on ongoing methodological development, and guiding the research and analysis activities of the WG’s team leads
  • Organize and execute internal and external meetings with key stakeholders where required
  • Coordinate editorial and quality assurance activities of the WG’s outputs
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the WG’s user community, including its recently established User Group of industry representatives, to ensure that WG outputs meet user requirements


  • Passion in the international commercial development of the Moon, including business, legal, technology and governance aspects, and of global policy implications
  • On average 4-6 hours / a week of time will be required, with variation during surge efforts
  • Longer-term commitment is key to the success of the WG, and applicant should be confident that they can serve in the role for at least a year, barring unexpected events
  • Strong experience using Microsoft Office
  • Strong team player, especially in international contexts


  • Prior experience planning and executing multi-stakeholder projects
  • Demonstrated interest and/or experience in economic analysis
  • Experience using Adobe Creative Suite

There are no a-priori requirements regarding nationality, age, or gender.

Application Timeline:

  • 13/01/2023: Applications close
  • 23/01/2023-27/01/2023: Interviews
  • 30/01/2023: Successful candidate informed
  • 30/01/2023-10/02/2023: Candidate onboarding


Please fill the form below. In case you are unable to submit your application via the form, please contact gro.n1721926142oitai1721926142cossa1721926142egall1721926142ivnoo1721926142m@uoi1721926142notna1721926142.ikfa1721926142lg1721926142

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