MVA Lunar Commerce and Economics Working Group (LCE) is looking for Volunteers

There will be no lunar development, or long-term human habitation, without the establishment of Lunar Commerce to augment government funding. The Moon Village Association Lunar Commerce and Economics Working Group (LCE) is looking for individuals interested in planning for the commercial development of the Moon In order to help support the implementation of its goals.

Application deadline: January 10, 2021

About the Lunar Commerce and Economics Working Group

Will there be sufficient revenue-earning opportunities on the Moon in order to support future developments? We do not know. But it is important that we try to find out. And it will be very helpful if we can bring together a dataset of opportunities which is agreed by a wide cross-section of potential Lunar operators, from a good selection of countries. We can help the international community address such issues as sharing of limited resources on the Moon. We can help potential Lunar commercial developers in seeking funding from venture capital sources.

The Lunar Commerce and Economics Working Group is therefore established to provide a forum for promoting an international discussion of all the potential markets for goods and services, taken in the widest sense, that will be an essential aspect of the Moon Village concept operations. The working group will provide a focus for businesses who are considering supporting lunar activities, and for government planners who seek to understand the timeframe of, and degree to which, commercial business will be able to contribute to the endeavor of developing the Moon. We shall aim at realism in our projections, both in terms of revenue opportunities and associated timescales, and be guided by careful analysis of demand, and its uncertainties, rather than by marketing hype.

What are we looking for?

Do you want to help in humanity’s outward push of economic development of the Solar System, starting with the Moon? This is not a task for the faint-hearted or work-shy! We need volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves and do the necessary hard grind to bring this information together.

The working group is seeking analysts and worldwide experts in commercial space, tourism, terrestrial mining and manufacturing, venture capitalists, insurers and other stakeholders, some of which might well be non-space companies, who will work towards an understanding of the potential resources and unique environmental features and properties of the Moon, and their potential for revenue generation.

How to apply?

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