MVA Lunar Commerce & Economics (LCE) WG is looking for Researchers

The Working Group on Lunar Commerce and Economics (the WG) is seeking Researchers to join our team.  The WG was set up in Early 2021 to promote and facilitate discussion around emerging lunar markets. Its flagship project is the recently published Lunar Commerce Portfolio, a comprehensive market assessment of the nascent lunar economy. Researchers will work within a market team, to produce objective, evidence-based analysis to further the development of a commercial lunar ecosystem. The position will offer opportunities for fast-paced personal development and applied market analysis in a fascinating field. Researchers will receive support and training to improve their market analysis skills.

Positions are open across all market teams. Candidates should express in their cover letter which market they would like to apply for:

  • Market 1: Transportation to and From the Moon
  • Market 2: Transportation on the Lunar Surface
  • Market 3: Communications and Navigation
  • Market 4: Energy and Power
  • Market 5: Supplies and Services
  • Market 6: Construction and Manufacturing
  • Market 7: Lunar Resource Extraction
  • Market 8: Habitation and Storage
  • Market 9: Lunar Agriculture

Application deadline: 23:59 UTC, 4th May 2023


  • Work actively with their team lead and other researchers to conduct analysis of lunar markets. Guidance will be provided by the Working Group throughout the project. Analysis and research will include:
    • Customer segments and use cases
    • Suppliers and value chains
    • Market drivers and barriers
    • Analysis of various economic scenarios
  • Attend regular meetings with their team lead and other researchers, as well as meetings of the entire working group
  • Present team’s work at the MVA Workshop in December 2023, and potentially at ad-hoc webinars throughout the year


  • Passion in the international commercial development of the Moon, including business, legal, technology and governance aspects, and of global policy implications
  • On average 2-3 hours / a week of time will be required, with variation during surge efforts
  • Longer-term commitment is key to the success of the WG, and applicant should be confident that they can serve in the role until at least December 2023, barring unexpected events
  • Strong experience using Microsoft Office
  • Strong team player, especially in international contexts


  • Proficiency in professional writing and communications
  • Demonstrated interest in economic and market analysis

There are no a-priori requirements regarding nationality, age, or gender.

Application Timeline:

  • 04/05/2023: Applications close
  • 06/05/2023-11/05/2023: Interviews
  • 12/05/2023-20/05/2023: Successful candidates informed and onboarded


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