The MVA PESC Project is looking for Members

PESC Partnerships Development Officers (1 position):

The Partnership Development Officer will communicate with the PESC regional team leader to identify the ongoing projects and what type of partnerships are required. They will then survey institutional members and identify the members that might be interested on the project(s) of the local team. Therefore, a data base of the institutional members and individual members will be ideal. However, with the cooperation of the MVA board, the PESC project core team can work to create this data base. As new potential areas of partnerships are identified, the partnership offcier will contact the communication officers to conduct an online meeting. Tasks can be summarized as follow:

  • Identify partnership opportunities within PESC local teams.
  • Identify members within the MVA community who are potentially interested to partner with PESC local teams.
  • Communicate partnerships opportunities with the MVA community.
  • Arrange meetings between PESC local teams and potential new partners.
  • Follow up and contribute to the PESC final report.

Communications Officers (2 positions):

The main task of the communication officer is to organize webinars. Therefore, the communication officer will coordinate the dates and time suitable for the parties identified by the partnerships officers and create zoom links and host the online meetings. In addition, communication officers will organize other types of webinars. As mentioned in the final report of 2022, it is important to consolidate the team spirit. Communications officers will organize informal meetings among the local teams.

  • Arrange online meetings when requested from other team members, and write the minutes of meetings.
  • Coordinate webinars activities with speakers and the public audience.
  • Host webinars and meetings.
  • Document all webinars and meeting and contribute to the annual report.

Regional team leaders (2 positions):

The call will include one position for Africa and another call for Latin America.

  • Mentor local teams to draft the PESC Roadmap.
  • Follow up with the progress of communicating the roadmap locally and follow up with the roadmap activities.
  • Identify ways to support local teams by overcoming challenges.
  • Contribute to the PESC annual report. 

Media Officers (2 positions):

This position will support the current social media officer. As mentioned on the final report of 2022, publicity is a challenge for the PESC project.

  • Create content to promote the PESC projects.
  • Create content to promote Local teams and increase their visibility.

To apply, please email your CV and a one-page motivational letter to Ghanim Alotatibi (gro.n1720920206oitai1720920206cossa1720920206egall1720920206ivnoo1720920206m@ibi1720920206atola1720920206.mina1720920206hg1720920206">gro.n1720920206oitai1720920206cossa1720920206egall1720920206ivnoo1720920206m@ibi1720920206atola1720920206.mina1720920206hg1720920206 ) with CC to Terence Fernandez ( moc.l1720920206iamg@1720920206zedna1720920206nrefj1720920206ecner1720920206et1720920206)

Applicants may apply for more than one position, but they can be selected for one.

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