5th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium

5th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium
6-8 December 2021

Nicosia, Cyprus

IPC Committee

Antonino Salmeri, Italy – Doctoral Researcher in Space Law, University of Luxembourg
Dr. Georgios Nicolaou, Cyprus – Research Scientist at Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, USA

IPC Members:
Paolo Pino, Italy – Doctoral Researcher, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
Dr. Mazhar Kusbeci, Cyprus – Mentor within the Romanian Space Initiative (ROSPIN)
Andreea Florea, Romania – Coordinator at Romanian Space Initiative (ROSPIN)
Nuria Ali, Kenya – Geologist, Directorate of Geological Surveys

For questions, please email:
Glafki Antoniou (yc.gr1627116241o.oes1627116241c@osa1627116241-avm1627116241)