ANNOUNCEMENT – Working Groups Reset / New website features

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We would like to inform you of some changes in the structure and the modus operandi  of the Moon Village Association in relation to the Working Groups. In the past few months, we have been working to improve the Working Groups functionality, as well as the enhancement of the website to help with better serving the Working Groups.

Working Groups (WG)

  • The number of Working Groups is now reduced from 10 to 5. The remaining WGs are:
       -Coordination & Cooperation
       -Cultural Considerations 
       -Exploration Analogues 
       -Architectural Concepts
       -Outreach & Education. 
  • Under the five remaining WGs, the members will be working to identify, propose and actualize various Projects.
  • This Projects are aimed to have a tangible outcome/ deliverable and get the members to work hands on, on tasks of their interests and abilities. An example is the First Payload Project, under the Coordination & Cooperation WG. 

The current WGs will reset on Monday, November 18. During the reset, all WG members will be deleted. MVA members as well as current WGs members  that want to participate will have to register through the website AFTER the reset, starting Tuesday, November 19. If you don’t register after the reset, you will not belong in any WGs. Please note that this reset does not impact who the Chairs of these WGs are, as these will remain the same. 


People who want to participate in a WG should be registered in the respective website group. Follow the directions bellow to join a group:

  1.  Go to
  2. From the Account tab, Log in with your credentials
  3. From the Account tab go to Groups, or go to the following link :
  4. Identify the Working Group you want to join and request a membership. You can join multiple groups.
  5. After your membership is approved you are a full WG member, go to the email options and select your preferences to select how to be notified when there are updates.

After you join a group, you will be able to:

  • Participate in conversations by writing posts, comments etc. All conversations regarding the WG, should be done in the Home page of the group, in order to stimulate member inclusion. Feel free to engage in discussion,with other members, make proposals and join Projects.
  • Download and upload files linked to the WG or projects, such as White Papers, draft files and WG call minutes.
  • Find information about any WG related events and calls and how to participate. 
  • Invite people to join the WG.

If you need any additional information or to request assistance, please contact:
Glafki Antoniou, Management Support (yc.gr1721923815o.oes1721923815c@osa1721923815-avm1721923815