Moon Village Association

Call for Participation – Moon Village – Participation of Emerging Space Countries (MV- PESC) Project


The Moon Village Association fosters global participation in the Moon Village.

The aim of the Moon Village Participation of Emerging Space Countries (MV-PESC) project is to find concrete opportunities for non-space faring countries and emerging space countries in the Moon Village.

Currently, there are many plans for missions to the moon by advanced space faring countries. However, most of the world are left behind. The MV-PESC program tries to identify commercial, engineering, scientific and cultural opportunities for non-space faring countries and emerging space countries
The programme has two components:

  1. MV-PESC event:

This is a 2 days’ workshop and forum that targets the youth in a particular country. The aim of the event is to spark interest in the Moon Village.

  1. Roadmap:

This is a peer-reviewed roadmap that tries to identify the opportunities for a particular countries and to provide a timeline.

The MVA has tested already successfully this approach in one country and, via MV-PESC programme  will apply the same approach to other countries starting from 2020. 


The MVA is calling to create a new  team to implement and support the MV-PESC project.

The tasks of the team will be as follow:

  1. Seek for countries willing to implement the MV-PESC project
  2. Coordinate MV-PESC events and activities from around the world and assure that the events are achieving their goals. This includes reporting and documentations.
  3. Create a data base of opportunities and potential stakeholders.
  4. Support local teams to create road-maps and coordinate with mentors if necessary.
  5. Creating and maintaining a web page within the MVA website.

Application requirement:

  1. CV and motivation letter including time availability for the project and position sought
  2. Membership in the MVA 

Application Deadline: January 31, 2020

Send your application to:
Ghamin Alotaibi, email:
With copy to: Glafki Antoniou, email: