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Annual Workshop “Moon Village” 2019

February 04, 2019 February 08, 2019 UTC+0

The annual “MOON VILLAGE” workshop will take place from February 4 to 8, 2019. It is open to all students of architecture or engineering schools in Strasbourg.

The opening session will be open on Monday to the public at the International Space University in Strasbourg Illkirch and conducted by:
Dr. Bernard COMET, astronaut doctor, currently consultant at MEDES (Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology in Toulouse) and president of the Medical Board of ESA (European Space Agency).
Professor Ondrej DOULE, Researcher at the Florida Institute of Technology’s Human-Centered Design and Aerospace Engineering (FIT) A first half-day of doctoral training will be held at ENSAS on Friday 8 February in the morning

The program :

  • 9h30 – 9h45: Introduction by Emmanuel DUFRASNES, ENSAS.
  • 9:45 – 10:00 am: Welcome and presentation of UIS by Juan de Dalmau, ISU President.
  • 10h00 – 10h30: Moon Village Association by Giuseppe REIBALDI, President MVA
  • 10h30 – 12h00: Architecture of Space by Prof. Assistant Ondrej DOULE, Project Manager SHEE, FIT.
  • 13h30 – 14h30: Human impacts of lunar habitats by Dr. Bernard COMET, Astronaut doctor.
  • 14h30 – 16h00: Presentation of projects and demonstrators by Barbara IMHOF, LIQUIFER.

A first half-day of doctoral training will take place at ENSAS on Friday 8 February in the morning.

The jury to be held at ECAM Strasbourg Europe will also be open to the public from 15h. This jury will be made up of teachers from partner schools, Francois SPIERO from CNES, astronaut Jean-Jacques FAVIER and architect Jacques ROUGERIE.

This workshop is organized in partnership with the MOON VILLAGE Association.

The conferences of the 1st day, February 4 from 9:30, will be broadcast on YouTube.