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MVA – LSA webinar: Space Resources – through the lens of Scientific and Commercial key players (Non-space actors go to the Moon series)

September 29, 2021 @ 16:00 17:30 CEST


The goal is to address the capabilities and opportunities Space Resources-related industries have to offer, meeting companies with wide range of vision; to identify what to expect and what more to know; to learn how can research nurture the economic perspective.

Tentative topics to focus on:

  • Cheering of non-space industries’ involvement in the Moon-related activities, identification of those industries (mining, architecture, robotics, energy …)
  • Finding mutual benefits for space and non-space industries cooperation in the context of the Moon resources exploration & utilization
  • Economic expediency and commercial opportunities for non-space industries to invest in new developments aiming at a “dual use” (that is both for space and on-Earth applications), as well as bringing existing terrestrial solutions to the attention of space players
  • MVA as a possible platform for a dialogue between the two groups of industry, defining attractive cooperation models etc.
  • What to anticipate in the coming decade?
  • How commercial perspectives shape/drive the scientific community
  • Possible activities MVA can stage in the future.


1. Introduction to the topic by Dr. Oleg Ventskovsky, MVA and Juliette Pertuy, LSA (5’ in total)
2. Presentations (5’ each)

  • Space Agency perspective – Mathias Link, LSA
  • Non-space company and organization perspectives
  • space company perspectives

3. Round-table discussion of the above and other topics moderated by Dr. Oleg Ventskovsky, MVA (30’)
4. Q&A session (15’)
5. Wrap-up and way forward.

Confirmed speakers list:

  • Prof. Angel Abbud-Madrid, Colorado School of Mines
  • Dr. Ian Mellor, Metalysis
  • Bertrand Baratte, Air Liquide
  • Jennifer Lopez, Astrobotic
  • Ahmad Al Otaibi, Burgan Drilling company
  • Bruno Pagliccia, Seisbee
  • Pooria Eshtiaghi and Alexandra Radl, RWTH Aachen

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