Moon Village Association, Newsletter, April 2018

President’s Words

The Moon Village Association is becoming well known in the world. We have presented the Association in many international events such as COPUOS technical subcommittee last February, the ISEF2-I in Tokyo in March as well as the IAF spring meetings. The first video of the Association was launched on 28 march and was well received.

During the first meeting of the Advisory Council we received a strong support and useful suggestions. The members are joining the Association steadily; we are more than 170 individuals from 34 countries and 7 institutional. The main products of the Association like the Working Group, the Global Network and the Moon Market are advancing in the definition. In particular, the majority of the WGs will be up and running by end April. You can follow the development on our website and twitters.

Many challenges are ahead of us, but we believe we are on the right track with your support.
Giuseppe Reibaldi, Moon Village Association President