Moon Village Association Newsletter, March – July 2020

President’s Words

The COVID-19 global pandemic have changed our style of life opening new opportunities and the Association have initiated several webinars on topics related to Moon exploration and settlement to increase its global reach. An initiative “Are your ready for the Moon Village” was launched last April to help the people in the lock-down situation and offer outreach content.  

The annual Workshop will be held online on 9-10 November and it will offer a unique opportunities to all people in the world to become engaged in activities related to the Moon Village

The Association launched last March a major initiative by defining the “Best Practices for sustainable lunar activities” as Moon Village Principles, Issue 2. This document, now in the consultation phase, defines the common level playing field for all future lunar missions, and it is aiming to derisk the political landscape by different behaviour of international stakeholders. This initiative is aimed to obtain support by as many Copuos countries as possible in order to became effective. 

The Participating of Emerging Space Countries (PESC) project has started by offering capacity building webinars to more than 12 countries. 

Following an election process a new Board has been appointed that will serve for the period 2020-21.

Several Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) have been signed with Space Agencies and NGOs increasing the network of the Association in the world.

Giuseppe Reibaldi
President, Moon Village Association

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