Moon Village Association Newsletter, October – December 2021

President’s Words

As we come at the end of this year, I am pleased to inform you about the latest main developments in our organization.

At the International Astronautical Congress in Dubai, last October, MVA organized a Global Network Forum event related to the Global Expert Group on Sustainable Lunar Activities. 

The 5th Global Moon Village Symposium and Workshop took place successfully online, on 6-8 December, in collaboration with CSEO that hosted the event from Nicosia, Cyprus. All the major lunar stakeholders participated with a strong participation of young professionals. The first Hackathon was organized with the participation from more than 20 countries and prizes were awarded. The PromoMoon initiative, dedicated to new start-ups was launched in cooperation with Yuzhnoye Design Office.

The United Nations General Assembly approved on December 9 the celebration of the International Moon Day (IMD) on 20 July.

MVA is the organization that will coordinate this global event. A dedicated Group, within MVA, is going to be created to manage this event. The Vacancy Notice for the Chair of the IMD Group has been issued. The International Moon Day will provide an important boost to the peaceful cooperation of the exploration and utilization of the Moon, in line with MVA goals. On 20 July 2022, the first IMD will be celebrated, and you are invited to start to organizing events and get in touch with us to coordinate.

2022 will be the year of the Moon with 6 missions to be launched, the celebration of the first IMD to be held and many more events organized by the MVA and you! 

I take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holiday Season!

Stay safe!

Ad Luna,Giuseppe Reibaldi
President, Moon Village Association
December, 2021