Motiv Space Systems Announces NASA Contract For DEEDS

Motiv Space Systems has announced a major contract with NASA that will power the future of space exploration and innovation in extreme environments. Under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Sequential Phase II Program, Motiv has been awarded a $5 million contract to begin development of DEEDS (Distributed Extreme Environments Drive System) in collaboration with Amorphology Inc. (responsible for manufacturing Bulk Metallic Glass Gears for the actuator) and SEPAC Inc. (developing next-generation cryogenic braking systems). Under this contract, the DEEDS project will span two years to accelerate the development of technology for future flight missions, including NASA’s Artemis program.

“DEEDS specifically addresses the challenges of NASA’s ‘Survive and Operate Through the Lunar Night’ objectives by producing a modular, scalable actuation system that will fundamentally enable sustained operations on the Moon or Mars for long-term extreme environment operations,” said Tom McCarthy, Vice President for Business Development at Motiv. “This technology will become a critical asset for developers of landers, rovers, and tool developers looking to aid future astronaut planetary surface explorers.”