Call for Graphics Development Volunteers for the MVA Lunar Architecture Working Group

The Moon Village Association (MVA) Architecture Working Group is seeking volunteers to support the creation of novel systems concept CAD / 3D visualizations of th the several ‘building blocks’ of the OASIS 20245 lunar settlement concept. (For more background information, please see .)

If you participate, your designs will be iterated with global experts in various lunar-focused areas of expertise, and will be broadly disseminated in the context of MVA Architecture WG study results – with proper credit given to your contribution. Products sought will include designs and/or architectural renderings involving: tbd. Any Intellectual Property (IP) associated with the graphics you may develop will remain with you – although you will be required to grant to the MVA the right to use (e.g., publish).

MVA Architecture WG subject matter experts will work with you to assure your efforts are well-informed regarding the results of past studies. Also, we anticipate that collaboration among designers / graphics artists might be important.  We will facilitate such collaboration. 

Thank you for your consideration of this invitation. We look forward to your participation. Please respond using the online form (see below) by not later than 30 January 2024. 

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