Watch the Humankind is going back to the Moon webinar by PBEC Member Christophe Bosquillon & Moon Village Association

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Humankind is going back to the Moon – both via robotic and crewed missions, led by the U.S. and China, while other space powers position for a piece of the action.

Over a half century since the Apollo landings, this time the intention is to stay. Various proposed architectures address the technical challenges of providing an environment for the future occupants of the facilities on the lunar surface and underground. A great deal of work takes place to establish the legal and regulatory basis for such a future habitation and working base. Both public and private sectors forge ahead with pioneering value propositions: ‘new space’ development cases that are commercially credible, financially sustainable, legally implementable. This webinar will provide an insight into how the Moon Village Association (MVA) is tackling these questions: diplomacy and international cooperation are required to build coordination mechanisms that prevent conflict near and on the Moon. Commercial development is a priority. However, making sure its impact on science & economy does benefit society and humankind. While peaceful coordination and cooperation, starting with China, is the way to go, there needs to be alignment and interoperability of space legal frameworks across the Asia-Pacific region. A commercial space ecosystem beyond orbit needs to start developing in the region, and Asia-Pacific needs to stay the course. Especially ASEAN in and beyond orbit. The future on the Moon will have to be largely a result of multilateral efforts emanating from the whole of Asia-Pacific, not merely Earth’s dominant space powers.