Working Groups

Moon Village Association

If you are interested in joining a working group, please contact the group leader or in case there are no leaders for that specific group, please contact the Public Relations and Communication manager via our contact form.

Moon Village Architectural Concepts & Issues WG
Leader: Blair De Witt

  • Identification of Architectural concepts
  • Identification of key environmental issues (e.g., dust mitigation)

Moon Village Standards WG
Leader: To be announced

  • Definition at a high-level of relevant standards and potential interfaces for various Moon Missions & Markets

Human Factors WG
Leader: To be announced

  • Definition at a high-level of the human factors considerations of the MV and paths.

Moon Markets & Missions – Forecasts and Financials WG
Leader: Jason Aspiotis

  • Identification & development of an integrated summary of actual or planned Lunar  and/or Lunar Vicinity Markets & Missions
  • Identification of actual / potential funding sources of current / planned missions
  • Identification / facilitation of potential “match-making” between sources and developers.

Lunar Data Harmonization WG
Leader: To be announced

  • Focus on coordination among the business-driven data requirements of private sector players and the lunar mission plans of science / government / private sector players

Moon Village Critical Services WG
Leader: To be announced

  • Characterization of selected high-priority services that are needed (e.g., navigation)
  • Coordination with Standards WG and the Markets & Missions WG

Coordination & Cooperation WG
Leader: Irmgard Marboe, Christopher Johnson

  • Identify, assess and provide inputs to international activities related to MV cooperation & coordination

Moon Village & Exploration Analogues WG
Leader: To be announced

  • Provide a forum for identifying and coordinating activities related to terrestrial analogues for the Moon Village, and the associated topic of the use of the Moon as an analogue/testbed for future exploration of Mars and other destinations.

Cultural Considerations WG
Leader: To be announced

  • Provide a forum for raising and promoting consideration of cultural factors concerning 
the Moon Village concept.

Outreach WG
Leader: To be announced

  • Focusing on outreach to the aerospace and non-aerospace communities vis-à-vis the Moon Village.