Moon Village Association

Working Groups


Many of the technical and community engagement activities of the Moon Village Association (MVA) are being accomplished by the five Working Groups (WGs). These Working Groups , which are being led by members in good standing of the Association, are conducting their activities by cooperative online means, such as the website, teleconferences, etc.


Under the five WGs, the members are working to identify, propose and actualize various Projects.
These Projects are aimed to have a tangible outcome/ deliverable and get the members to work hands on, on tasks of their interests and abilities. An example is the First Payload Project.

White Papers

The outcome of the WGs, as well as of some of the Projects, is included in the White Papers. The White Papers are publicly available on here, and are available for public consultation.
The White Papers are presented and discussed at the Breakout Sessions during the yearly Moon Village Workshop & Symposium.