Moon Village Association Newsletter, May – October 2021

President’s Words

In the last few months many activities have been carried out, demonstrating a strong interest in the exploration and utilisation of the Moon. Hereafter are indicated some activities; more details are included in the newsletter.

MVA has been present at the UN COPUOS and its Legal Subcommittee with important contribution, by presenting its activities in general, and in particular, with organizing a SIde Event about the Global Expert Group on Sustainable Lunar Activities (GEGSLA). A GEGSLA public webinar was also held in September.

MVA proposed to COPUOS, last August, the celebration of the International Moon Day on 20 July. This proposal has been endorsed by COPUOS, last August, and it will be submitted to the UN General Assembly in the Fall for the approval. Once this approval is confirmed, the International Moon Day will be celebrated every year on 20 July, starting with 2022. MVA will be the organization that will coordinate this global event, and more details will be published by the end of the year. The International Moon day will provide an important boost to the peaceful cooperation of the exploration and utilization of the Moon, in line with MVA goals. 

To foster more involvement of developing countries and students, the category of the Associated Membership has been created.

MVA Workshop 2021, 6-8 December, preparation is in full swing with many important events planned. We have to have an important public participation to this event as registration is open!

Several thematic webinars were held by the different Working Groups and Projects.

Ad LunaGiuseppe Reibaldi
President, Moon Village Association
October, 2021